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Problem of the Week in Math - http://mathforum.org

Micro Worlds Computer Programming - http://www.kidscanprogram.com/

Lego Logo - el.www.media.mit.edu/groups/el/projects/legologo.

Book List 

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide for Ages 10 and Under   
by Judy Galbraith

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide  
by Judy Galbraith

Smart Parenting: How to Parent So Children Will Learn   
by Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades  
by Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom   
by Susan Weinbrenner

Parents Who Love Reading; Kids Who Don't   
by Mary Leonhardt

We also have numerous periodicals dealing with the high end learner. Gifted Child Today and Parenting For High Potential  are two that we have multiple copies of and would be happy to have people check out.

Websites with latest research on gifted education

This is a site for the National Association of Gifted Children. It is a rich site with links to standards for gifted education, information on conferences, materials, and parenting strategies. http://www.nagc.org/

To get involved with grassroots organization that promotes fair public education for the gifted, this national network is a good place to start.

Highly gifted children have IQ's that measure over 150. This site offers resources to families of very bright children.

This website is great for information on bright kids and materials: www.eskimo.com/~user/kids.html

The National Center for Research on Gifted Education is made up of a consortium of University of Connecticut, Yale University, and the University of Virginia. Their website offers research and articles on the topics in this field. 


(The status of these sites have not been checked recently)

Math Problem of the Week

Gateway to Art History resources to go along with Gardner's Art History book with great links

Islamic Art in the collection of The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Planets

Math and Science Links from Cornell

Homeworkcentral.com links to a wealth of educational resources

InternetScout a guide to hot resources on the web, many specifically for kids

700 Great Sites for Kids (and their Parents)  from the American Library Association

Ask Jeeves a natural language, meta search engine

Thinkquest web creation in a game environment

PBS Public Broadcasting

Library Spot the name says it all

Physics 2000 not for this age probably, but rather impressive