The Westfield Synchronized Swim Team

The Westfield Synchronized Swim Team, aka The Westfield Aquaducks is made up of an elite group of swimmers representing central New Jersey. The team competes throughout the United States. They have participated in such meets as the US Junior Championships, US Age Group National Championships and some of the more experienced members have competed in the US Open and National Junior Olympics. They have also competed in the New Jersey Garden State Games and performed in Westfield's First Night for the past two years to three sold out performances.

During the school year they compete in several meets in and out of State. They raise money to defrey their traveling costs by putting on a swimathon in March and a weekend swim show in the fall. The girls practice 3 days a week and put in many hard hours of training . Each girl's group or individual performance is supported by their patented chant "Go ducks, quack, quack!". They have a strong commitment to a wonderful coach and supported parental staff of volunteers. Their swim routines are accented by the beautiful costumes which are hand sewn by their personal seamstresses (The Moms). The beauty of their costumes is slightly diminished by their bright, wide, smiling faces as they glide through the glistening swimming pool. Their performances begin and end with the same enthusiastic applause and cheering. This is truly a booster for a girl's self esteem and makes them all very proud to belong to this special group.

Synchronized Swimming Information

If you feel you're not ready to join a team, but would like to see what the sport is like we have Synchronized Swimming Classes. For general information, or if you wish to join a team call (908) 233-2700 Ext. 324. Ask for Diane Hunsinger or leave message on voice mail.

Senior Team

The Aquaducks invite you to come join our team. Synchronized Swimming gives you a chance to express yourself and have a lot of fun! Synchronized swimming can also be very competitive. It is a versatile sport that creates team spirit and develops good values. It is a creative challenge, you get to go to a lot of places and interact with a lot of people. Practices are 4-5 times a week at the Westfield "Y".

Junior Team

If some of the things you learned about Synchronized Swimming interest you, but you're still unsure, come join our Junior Team. You must be between the age of 6 and 13 and be able to swim the 4 basic swimming strokes. Practices are 3 times a week at the Westfield "Y" on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

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