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Each year, the Club organizes fun things to do together or with our spouses and significant others. As with most of the Club projects, it is not mandatory to attend any social function but it sure is a lot of fun and helps you to get to know the other Club members.

Holiday Party: Our December Business Meeting is our Holiday party, which is held at a restaurant of our choice. It includes a full dinner and Yankee gift swap. Current, inactive, prospective and previous members are invited.

Progressive Dinner: The Progressive Dinner takes place every January or February, after the holidays. Everyone meets at one Club member's home for drinks and appetizers. We then split up into dinner houses, with each house having no more than 5 couples, for a catered dinner. It is then back together for dessert at another member's home.

Spring Barbecue: Usually in June, we get together one more time for a catered barbecue at a member's home. It is a relaxed, casual evening to socialize, with our spouses, and celebrate all we have accomplished during the past Club year.

Presidents' Dinner: In mid-Summer the President will host a dinner for all members. This is a good chance to catch up with the other members during the summer.

In addition to these annual activities, we try to arrange something fun for several of our Business meetings as well. Examples have included a manicure party, bowling, yoga classes, country line dancing and many others.


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