Memorial Day

Westfield, New Jersey

Thousands of Westfield's citizens turned out to participate in and observe our Memorial Day Parade as the procession advanced up East Broad Street.

Westfielders shared by displaying pride in their country and community.

The Westfield Town Bell was cast by Vickers Foundry in Sheffield, England in 1869. The Bell hung in the Prospect School and served as the school bell, Town bell, and fire bell from 1869-1921. From 1922-1985 it was housed in the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. The Westfield Historical Society and Town D.P.W. sponsored the restoration of the Bell by John R. Panosh and Ralph H. Jones (Westfield Historical Society Curator), in 1993, for the Town's Bicentennial celebration.

Pictured here are John R. Panosh (Westfield Town Bellmaster), and Jonathan D. Klausner as they ring the Bell during the Memorial Day Parade.

Photographs courtesy of Darryl Walker

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