Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a disease that affects one out of every forty people! That means it is twice as common as bi-polar disorder, panic attacks, schizophrenia and various other mental conditions. Besides professional treatment we feel that a group of sufferers can give one another emotional support as well as provide a forum for open and frank discussion of their particular symptoms. We also welcome the sufferers' family or loved ones to attend our meetings.

Obsessions are thoughts that are intrusive, unwanted, repetitive, inappropriate, and often doubtful. They often cause a great deal of anxiety for the sufferer.

Compulsions are any physical or mental actions or activities that are performed for the purpose of relieving the anxiety, doubt, and guilt caused by a sufferers obsessions.

Our group meets at Charter Behavioral Systems in Summit, NJ. We are a FREE group and encourage new people. The group is run by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works exclusively with OCD sufferers.

Call 908-277-9709 (Barbara) or 908-653-5571 (Ryan) or send e-mail to ocd@westfieldnj.com.

This webspace has been donated by Darryl Walker of Westfield, NJ. Information has been provided by the OCD Support Group.