Music Industry Survey

What is this crap?

Each year Rolling Stone magazine goes searching for the hottest new artists, but this year the job turned out to be difficult and disappointing.  Case in point: Prodigy.  They can't even call it music, they have to use the qualifier, "rave."  And what about the Lollapalooza line-up? Snoop Doggy-dog touring with Tool?  What is going on?

All the major bands seem to be in the back room smoking cigars.  They're not recording, they're not touring, they're not even making appearances.  So the record labels are picking from what's left, the one-hit wonders, the flotsam and jetsam of the pop music industry. So, what is this crap?

What is your source of music information? Please check all that apply:

The Aquarian     Spin      Rolling Stone    MTV News    Vibe     

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Rate your responses to the following statements.

                                      Strongly disagree | sort of disagree | no clue | yeah, okay | strongly agree

Music is the center of my universe.                    1       2      3     4      5

The music industry is in a state of collapse.        1       2      3      4      5

The music industry is in a state of transition.       1       2      3      4     

I love everything that's happening right now.      1       2      3      4     

What's your opinion?  Describe what you think is going on in the music industry now.


Where do you think the industry is headed in the next two years?  

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What current bands are you listening to?

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