by Christine Salerno

"We walk the streets at night/ We go where eagles dare" sang Glenn Danzig (the original Misfits singer) over my stereo. It was November 2nd, and I was going to see the Misfits at the Birch Hill night club that night. I had obtained discount tickets from the manager of Worthless, a pop-punk sensation that was one of the opening acts.

I was psyched beyond belief and had good reason to be. My all time favorite band was going to perform right in front of me. I just couldn't contain myself. After spending hour after hours listening to their music, I was not only going to see them live, but I was hopefully going to get to meet one or all of them.

When the daylight finally faded away and the night came, I was on my way to the club. S.O.V., a fast punk trio, where the first to perform. Next up was Worthless, a band which I am very fond of, that gave me a free demo tape when their manager sold me my ticket. Then came Flatus, a rock trio who gave me their song list at the end of their set. The final opening band was Sardonica, a hardcore-punk band that gave me a free sticker as well as a free CD.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. What's with all this free stuff ? Well, you see, I was on a mission. When I first got into the club, I ran right in front of the stage and refused to let anyone take my spot. I felt I had a right to be in front since I was the smallest person in the club. The bands gave me free items since I was easily spotted since I was in front and because I stood out because I was so much smaller than the rest of the crowd. Although, I do feel that my natural charm and friendliness may have also contributed to the results. But its not like I'm boasting or anything.

Then it happened. As Sardonica cleared the stage, the lights dimmed. The song "Halloween II" began to play over the PA and a screen fell down in front of the stage which showed various clips from horror movies. The music began to get louder and louder until the screen was finally pulled away from the stage and lights began flashing. I could feel the excitement running through my veins as the Misfits ran onto the stage one by one. At first it was Dr. Chud (drums), then Jerry Only (bass), then Doyle (guitar), and finally Michael Graves (vocals). Within a flash, they began pumping out the music. As I watched and listened with pure amazement, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The aggression and energy of each song left the crowd begging for more. In the tradition of all Misfits shows, the crowd sang along to each and every song. Numerous times Michael passed the microphone along to fans. However, when the first chords of "Last Caress" were strummed, along with the beginning of" I've got something to say...", the entire crowd began screaming at the top of their lungs to every last second of the song.

There was a special bond between everyone in the club that night. We were all there because we loved this band from New Jersey that has made music that no one can ever reproduce. There is something significantly different about the Misfits that separates them from all other band. It's not only their powerful music, but them as individuals as well. They have always been great guys to their loyal fan base and have done exactly what they've wanted to at all times. There is some kind of magical feeling that comes over you when you hear their music performed right in front of you. It's like all you worries go away and nothing else matters except the music.

By 3:00 am, the show was over. I waited around for a while the Misfits cooled off backstage. They usually come out after a little bit and greet the fans. Then I saw him. Jerry Only walked back onto the now empty stage and sat down. I rushed over to him and introduced myself. He greeted me with a hug. I got his autograph and a picture of the two of us. I was tempted to go looking around for the other Misfits, but it was getting late, so I had to leave. All in all, it was one night I will always remember.

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