"OK Computer" is OK with Me

Radiohead releases smashing new album.

by Rich Stillwell

           When people think of Radiohead they probably think of that boring, whiny English pop group that stormed onto the music scene a few years back with the hit single "Creep," and appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Clueless.  But this is a popular misconception.  On the contrary, they are an amazing band that is thriving today, and has just released a new album entitled, "OK Computer."  You might also have heard this band from time to time on MTV as background music for the shows "Road Rules" and "The Real World."  "OK Computer" is the third release from the band, that just last year opened for (of all people) Alanis Morrisette.

      My girlfriend Helen and I were priviledged enough to see Radiohead at the Meadowlands in the fabulous state of New Jersey. She had gotten the tickets in anticipation of seeing Alanis but, as we all know, Ms. Morrisette was a one hit wonder, and she soon got sick of hearing that man-hating Canadian go on about how ironic the world is.  But as we looked closer we saw that Radiohead would be opening for that foul-mouthed neighbor to our north.  We went to the show and they were great! They played for about an hour and then her majesty had to come out on stage and bring her crummy band with her.  Anyway, they rocked. One thing that I found annoying at the show was the constant ringing in my ears of teenie bopper girls saying,"Eeeew! Who the hell are these guys?!" I felt like turning around and saying,"You know, the guys from the Clueless soundtrack!!!" Dolts!!  Well, where was I.

       This new album by Radiohead is everything that I expected from them, and more. They have managed to maintain their style.  This above all is most important when a band records a new album.  Stay the same or get better.  Well, Radiohead has done exactly this.  They maintained their old style and made a great record full of amazing music.  Possibly the best thing about this band is that no one in the band is so full of themselves that they go off on boring solos and make the listener fall asleep.  I must add that this album is a good album to fall asleep to.  It has soothing melodies and relaxing vocals courtesy of Thom Yorke.

   The musicians on the record are equally worthy of praise.  Colin Greenwood provides simplistic but sufficient bass lines. Jon Greenwood(brother?) is a great piano player and guitar player and should be noted for his work.  Ed O'Brien adds his vocals and guitar artistry.  Last but not least, drummer Phil Selway rips it up on "OK Computer."  I'm sure they have web-sites so look around and visit them if you see them. Here's one: http://www.radiohead.com.  Click on the link and you'll go directly to this neat site. Or go to the British site at: http://www.radiohead.co.uk

We hope you are OK. Thank you for reading.

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