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God's Unstoppable Spirit
Acts 13: 14, 43-52
We now turn to the Gentiles.

No one can stop the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit will flow and inspire, filling the earth beyond all borders.  No one can stop God's word.
     Some tried anyway.  The enemies of Paul and Barnabas tried to stop them from preaching, trying to contain the message of the gospel.  It didn't work.

Paul and Barnabas, traveling on a missionary journey, spoke at a synagogue at Antioch in Pisidia.  Many Jews and worshipers who were converts to Judaism listened.  By the following week, the crowds were so large that the Jewish leaders of the city tried to stop the apostles from preaching.  Paul and Barnabas simply preached to a wider audience.  They no longer preached to Jews alone.  Now they were preaching to Gentiles.

As Christianity continued to spread, the Jewish leaders started a persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled them from their territory.

They did the only thing they could do.  They went to another city.  And they preached the gospel there.If the Holy Spirit has a message, that message will be proclaimed.  And if the message is within us, we will speak it.  Not everyone will receive its point.  But the Spirit will speak.  When someone tries to keep you from saying what you know is important, the Spirit may be looking for a wider audience.

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Our Religious Education program is beginning to wind down with First Communion and Confirmation being celebrated over the next couple of weeks.  I want to thank the many men and women who serve as catechists or high school facilitators.  I also want to thank the high school juniors and seniors who help the facilitators in preparing freshmen and sophomores for Confirmation.  We have a program that touches the lives of 1970 children in our parish.  It is a rather significant experience.  The program is implemented by the laity of this parish community.  The formation would not happen without you.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent in providing this crucial program for the benefit of our parish youth.  Putting God first in our lives by serving others is an excellent example of Stewardship.  Thank you.
Bill Harms

Parish Mission Statement
"We, the Roman Catholic Community of Saint Helen, are nourished and sustained by the Eucharist. We ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit to help us live the words of Jesus. We are committed to bringing His Good News to others, in our community and beyond. United in prayer, we understand that it is our calling to use our time, treasure and talents for the benefit of all."
Pentecost 2002

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