Troop 73

Shop Rite Food Card Fundraising Program




Note:  This is totally voluntary and in no way should compete or conflict with Holy Trinity School obligations.


Purpose: The program will allow parents and scouts to fund summer camp or high adventure trips.


Program: Parents can purchase Food Cards of $20, $50 or $100 for use at Shop Rite.  A 5% credit will be put into a scouts or family account.  Mr. Ireland has volunteered to sell and keep records and will coordinate records/balances with Mr. Vilafane.  Parents/scouts can use the money in the account to help pay for summer camp or high adventure trips.




-    Troop 73 purchases a $100 Food Card from Shop Rite for $95.

-    The Ireland family purchases the $100 Food Card from Troop 73 for $100.

-    Troop 73 generates a profit of $5, which is credited to the Ireland family account.

-    Mrs. Ireland purchases $100 of food at Shop Rite with her Food Card.

-         After repeating this twice a month for a year the Ireland family has $120 account

      balance which they use to help cover the cost of summer camp.


This is a pain free and cost free way to fundraise.  It cost you nothing and if you shop at Shop Rite already, it is pain free.  Also, there is no obligation to participate.  This is totally discretionary on your part.  Please note that you can sell the Food Cards to family and friends as well.


Fund Forfeiture: In the event a scout leaves the Troop without utilizing the account the funds would revert back to the Troops general account.


If you would like to participate in the Shop Rite Food Card Program fill out the attached form along with a check made out to Troop 73  indicating the value of Shop Rite cards you would like to purchase.  Mr. Ireland will have them available the following week.  Mr. Ireland is available at most Monday meetings or call him at 908-389-1976 if you have questions.


Thank you.



Troop 73

Shop Rite Food Card Fundraising Program




Yes, we would like to participate in the Shop Rite Food card program.  Please indicate the value of cards desired;


$ Value                                    Quantity                                   Total

$20                                          ______                                    _____

$50                                          ______                                    _____

$100                                        ______                                    _____



I have enclosed a check for _______.



___________________ Name