TV Production Curriculum


Present classes offered in Television production:

 TV 1: The students learn the history of television, how to work a video camera, the basics of videography and video editing skills. Students will work on live shoots and are responsible for 3 projects as part of their course work.

 TV 2: The students learn the ins and outs of Television Broadcast by putting together live shows, such as Good Morning Westfield, for broadcast on Westfield High School Television.  They will learn all aspects of a show including: commentating, camera work, script writing, graphics, etc.

Independent Study: Students work (as the name suggests) independently on a range of video projects, approved by their teacher. Their projects will be evaluated for design, topic, composition and overall cohesion. The students are responsible for meeting specific deadlines. The students will also be required to work on live shoots as part of their course work.

Video Club: The TV Studio also hosts a TV/Video Club that is open to all WHS students. The club is designed for those who are either interested in pursuing a career in communications or entertainment or for those who simply enjoy watching great films.


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