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How to setup your keyboard for multilingual input methods on windows 2000+ platform

Set up Chinese input methods on various windows platforms. (written in Chinese with English translation tool on the left hand menu.)

Win7 and other windows platforms pinyin (input methord) setup.

A document (update on 10/18/2006) and keyboards (9/11/2009) show how to setup your keyboard for a language other than English and some feature dialog boxes that you may be interested in. (assuming you are using windows 2000/XP with MS Office 2000 or a laster version. Last paragraph is for older versions)

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select the Regional Options icon
  3. Select the Input Locales tab
  4. Click the Add button for Input Language
  5. Select Input Locale and Keyboard Layout for the language
    • For traditional character input method - select Chinese(Taiwan) - Phonetics
    • For traditional character input method - select Chinese(Taiwan) - New Phonetics
      Use the property dialog box to set it to Roman Pin Yin if your don't see Han Yu Pin Yin input method. It will automatically display a character for you; you may also use the down arrow key to select a desired character.
    • For simplified character input method - select Chinese(PRC) - QuanPin
      This setting allows you to switch to different keyboard layouts, and make your own sentences.
    You may also select other input methods if you know them better.
  6. An EN button should be placed in the system tray. This means that the default language is English and it will allow you to switch languages.

You need to add the language if it does not exist in the selection list of the input locale. You need Windows 2000 CDs if your \i386 directory does not contain the lang sub-directory. The supported languages for Windows 2000 can be found in a help page of MS Word.

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select the Regional Options icon
  3. Select the General tab
  4. Check the language settings for the system and hopefully a desired language appears in the selection list.
  5. A list of files will be installed to the system.
  6. Reboot the system after the desired language is installed.
  7. Go through the above settings.

The setup in Windows XP uses the Language tab of the Regional & Language icon on the Control Panel, which is similar to above steps. Check the 'install Asian language' box on the language tab and then click the 'Details' button to add the keyboard IME.

Issues to be aware of: For the traditional characters, you might want to use the Phonetics or the new Phonetics as your input method because it uses the Big 5 character set. I use the Pin Yin as my input method which uses the GBK or GB2312 character set. Even the text can be changed to a font of the traditional characters, but many of the characters will not be correctly translated. The reason that I select Pin Yin is the position of the characters matches the English keyboard. I certainly hope that GBK supports the traditional Chinese characters better in the near future.

If you use the older version of Windows OS, then you need to go to Microsoft web site to download the IME. You need to install IME for entering Chinese characters.

Other Chinese input methods

Linux - Chinese-HowTo Other software .


Follow Sun Document to install/enable Chinese feature, then install cxterm - CJK xterm.


Network speed checking

Free Chinese Fonts

  • Chinese fonts
  • Download Chinese Fonts - you may switch your documents to either the traditional or simplified characters with these fonts.
  • This Zhu Yin Font allows you to select either Kai or Ming with Zhu yin by the characters. If you want to select a different sound of the same word, then you shall highlight the character and select a different font (e.g. poin1, poin2, or poin3) instead of the base "ChuYin" font. (examples) The font works with MS phonetic input method for the traditional characters that is not interchangable with the simplified characters. The font provider, Wang Zong Han who is a professor in Taiwan.
  • Pinyin Macro you can download for Word files
  • Kai and Song fonts - provided by Taiwan Ministry of Education (Jiao Yu Bu)
  • free fonts
  • David McCreedy's Gallery of Unicode Fonts: [Traditional fonts] [Simplified fonts]