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Twenty-five years ago a group of Westfield men began a chapter of UNICO National, the largest Italian-American Service organization in the USA.  Its membership is exclusively open to American men and women of Italian heritage, or persons married to men and women of Italian heritage.  Members are united in a national chain, working jointly on national projects and separately on community activities.  It is non-political and non-sectarian.

The name UNICO means "one" or "only" or "only one of its kind."  Additionally, the letters are interpreted as U-unity, N-neighborliness, I-integrity, C-charity, and O-opportunity.  UNICO was organized to provide scholarships to worthy students, and to give strength and force in fighting discrimination against Italian-Americans.  Doing good deeds for others did this.  Thus the motto: "Service Above Self" which has patterned the whole activity of UNICO.

Westfield UNICO participates in National Scholarship programs, Marconi Science Awards, mental health programs, Cooley's Anemia research, promotes Italian Study Chairs, and has been working contributor to the "Jimmy V Cancer Research Fund" named for the late famed basketball coach Jimmy Valvano.

Anyone of Italian heritage or with a spouse of Italian heritage is welcome to join--We welcome you! For further information or if you have questions , you are invited to call Randy Pisane at 908-233-3320 or E-mail us at: unico@westfieldnj.com. We would be delighted to hear from you.