Early inhabitants of the Medford area got their water from the southwest branch of the Rancocas Creek. The Rancocas provided people with drinking water and also a means of transportation. Clay was gathered from the Rancocas Creek banks and was used in the making of pottery. Today a few artifacts are still found in and around Medford. Evidence of this has been proven by carbon tests done recently by the University of Pennsylvania of bone samples taken at the Savich Farm Site. The Savich Farm was located between Medford and Marlton and the evidence of samples estimate early man in Medford Township 4000 years ago. There has been several findings of large broad-bladed projectile points found on the recently excavated Savich Farm. These broad bladed points indicate them as the primary method of survival for Archaic Man of early Medford. During the 1960's Savich Farm was the home of one of the areas finest custard stands. This same property where the custard stand found its home is also the site where the above carbon samples were taken and several findings made.

In Paleo Indian times a crude but accurate javelin was in use. The javelin was created and invented because of the swiftness of the game they hunted. Families and clans banned together for safety and protection. Agriculture changed the indians way of life. In the Medford area there are several bowl-shaped depressions in farm fields covering an acre or more. During indian times these depressions were fresh water ponds.

All of the above facts and findings led to the evolution and development of the town called Medford and presently called Medford Village.



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