On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 a former resident wrote:

As a former resident of 36 years and an alumni of High Bridge Public Schools I can tell you now, I have to tell you the information you have below is incorrect to a degree. I will correct you... the elementary school was built in 1966 and housed K-6 until 1973 when 9-12 went to NHRHS then The Elementary school housed K-4 and the Middle School housed 5-8 ( I graduated 1974 from 8th grade at HBPS)

The first school was constructed on Silverthorne Road in 1825. In 1848, a stone school was constructed on Dewey Avenue which was replaced in 1875 by a frame structure on Arch Street. The Silverthorne structure is gone, the other two remain and are used as residences. Our present Middle School, on Thomas Street, was built in 1906 and later enlarged. Until 1973 it housed grades K-12, when the elementary school was built to house grades K-4 and grades 9-12 were transferred to the North Hunterdon-Voorhees High School District.





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