Annual Meeting


History of the Westfield Neighborhood Council

    The Westfield Neighborhood Council was founded in 1969 as a community based non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Council has operated community programs since its inception, reaching out to the many pressing needs of its neighborhood.  The purpose of the council is to serve the residents of the diverse community with programs and services that enable individuals to strive with pride to reach their highest potential.  In carrying out its programs, the Council attempts to support the strong values represented by the church, family and the schools.

    In 1975, the Council provided a pre-school program, licensed by the state, for 15 children.  In October of 1985, the program expanded to a full day care program, operating from 7:30am to 5:30pm, and for the first time a fee was charged for the program.  In 1992, the Westfield 'Y' offered financial assistance to include the day care children into the 'Y' full day care program.

    In 1985, an after school program for school age children was established.  This program provides homework assistance and also includes recreational and cultural activities as well as a nutritional supplement.

    In 1986, the Council provided a summer day camp program for the children in the community.  During the past few years, we have collaborated with the Westfield Recreation Commission to provide additional activities for the children that attend our summer camp.

    We continue to nurture a strong partnership between board members, staff and volunteers.

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Minutes of the 1997 Annual Meeting

Invocation by Rev. Charles Thompson

Nominating Committe report:

Trustees nominated for the year 1997-1998 are:
Sandy Chambers
Claire Lazarowitz
Eugene Rosner
Charles Thompson
Trummell Thompson
Claude White
The secretary cast the unanimous ballot for the election of the new trustees

Officers for years 1998-99 are:

Chairperson   - Harold Cohen
Vice Chairperson - Mary Withers
Secretary - Jeanne Attenborough
Treasurer - Mary Enard
The secretary cast the unanimous ballot for officers as elected.

Harold Cohen, Chairperson, asked for the trustees' support and cooperation in the coming year to help make the W.N.C. continue to be meaningful to the community.

Ezella Johnson, new Director of the W.N.C., asked for 100% cooperation from the trustees to enable the W.N.C., under her direction to grow and progress with success.

Mary Withers, Vice Chairperson, feels it will be important to work to make the W.N.C. a positive organization in the community.

Annual Treasurer's Report presented by Mark Braxton and distributed at the annual meeting.

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Supporters of the Westfield Neighborhood Council
The Westfield Neighborhood Council gratefully acknowledges the contributors of funds which provide continuing support of the Council's work.
Special Thanks to all of the individuals who have supported the WNC!
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